Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 2 - $113.18 – It’s Like Pleasantville Over Here.

Do you know the definition of quaint?

Because this, friends, is effing quaint. Not only do the street garbages have little doors and roofs, but there is a Waste door, a Recycle door, and a Compost door! They compost on every street corner.

This whole island is quaint. It’s idyllic. It’s homey…

It almost makes me want to punch a toddler or strangle a puppy, just to create some action over here…but I wont. Probably.

To be fair to Charlottetown, it’s ridiculously beautiful. It is a nice sunny day, the streets are all tree-lined, and because of an old building rule, you can see the water from almost everywhere in town. They even had fresh strawberries in buckets for sale. Which, by the way, was such a bargain. A dollar a bucket is unreal. Even if eating that many strawberries by yourself will throw your digestive tract out of whack.

It’s so perfect here; my biggest complaint is that I almost got out-polited by a grandmother. No joke. We were both waiting to enter through a door, and I said “after you” and she said “no, you were waiting” and I said “no, please, you first” and THIS WENT ON AND ON. I finally barged in front of grandma while I thanked her four or five times. I’m such a badass.

The other thing about PEI is their economy is based so heavily on tourism, that some things are really overpriced. Also, the entire island is obsessed with Anne of Green Gables and lobsters. I tried some lobster-flavoured potato chips, which were surprisingly tasty, and I treated myself to a lobster sandwich for dinner/lunch. You kind of have to eat seafood out here, there’s nothing else. It was puppy-strangling-ly delicious, though.

So, I bought some food today, my bus ticket to Charlottetown, a hostel stay, and some souvenirs, which brings my new total of money spent to $113.18. I‘ve decided to record a running total of the whole trip expenditures, rather than the day to day, because it’s easier to follow that way. Also, it helps me keep track of everything. The way I’m going, I’ll be broke by Toronto. Someone remind me that there’s a BUDGET to this, ok?

Tomorrow I’ll be traveling to Fredericton with a stop in Moncton on the way. I’ll be staying there with a couple who offered to put me up, despite never having met me before, but just based on the word of someone who had also just met me. That’s the cool thing about this project. People are so giving if you only ask for it. Anyway, Mike and Laura have offered to put me up, and I think they’re going to show me around on Friday. Should be a good way to wrap up my time on the East coast.

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