Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 4 - $288.35 - A Three Hundred Pound Dude in a Kilt

Fredericton is a town of many things. It has a happening downtown, with lots of great restaurants and cafes to go to. It has a beautiful trail system to walk down or ride, and it runs all the way across town.

It also has a lot of big dudes in kilts.

I happened to get to Fredericton as the Highland Games were starting, which is a festival that celebrates the Scottish heritage of many of the city’s residents.

Which brings me back to the kilt.

Why, in a sport that involves lifting a huge tree log and throwing it away from you, is it necessary to wear a kilt? I saw the games, and most involve some variation on the

following scenario: A big hulking guy lifts a heavy object and then hurls it away from him. But why the kilt?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the kilt. I just don’t see the necessity. But I do love seeing huge men whirling around like mad, flinging metal balls

and poles, while their kilts fly up and around. As a woman, there’s almost a poetic justice in that.

Other than the Highland games festival, I got to see quite a lot of Fredericton, thanks to the amazing Mike and Laura. They took me everywhere: Artillery Beach, the legislative building, the farmers market (which has the world’s best samosas. Remember my love of the nachos in Halifax? I have found a new object to bestow my affection upon.)

All in all, it was a pretty successful day. I spent a little more than I wanted because the Highland Games didn’t have a student admission fee, and it was $10. That was my food budget for the day! But it was worth it, just for this:


  1. Hey Em ... where the heck are you crashing?

  2. I'm couchsurfing mostly, trying to find people willing to put me up for a night. These people I met accidentally, and they were so sweet to me.

  3. $10 a day on food! That's it?! That's what I spend on lunch at Kay's Deli on a daily basis! How did you do it!!!