Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 19 - $829.92 – Next Stop, Tuna Knee

I got into Kamloops a little tired, a little hungry, and a lot nervous. I had a live TV interview at noon, and I my hair was a rat’s nest, I was wearing pyjamas, I wasn’t sure where I was, and it was 10am.

Luckily, I had managed to get a little sleep on the bus (and on the floor of the bus station in Salmon Arm – I know, I didn’t know that was a real place either) so I wasn’t a complete mess. I managed to shuffle over to the TV station and I used their green room to get myself looking somewhat respectable.

I watched the hosts come in, and I started to feel a little nervous. Then I saw the tech guys turn on the lights and start doing some pre-show taping and I got a little more nervous. By the time the other guests arrived, I had already reapplied my make-up three times and sweat through my dress. I was literally pacing the green room. Something tells me I need a little more experience in front of the camera before I become a huge star.

I blocked out most of the interview, so I can’t tell you how it went. I can, however, thank Tracy and everyone at Kamloops Midday for being so kind to me, making me a DVD of the spot, and showing an interest in the trip. Even though I was a nervous wreck, I still had fun, and you guys were all amazing professionals.

As soon as the interview was over, I changed back into my grubby traveling clothes and headed downtown. I grabbed some lunch and then made my way to meet Aehron and Kyle, my CouchSurfing hosts. After a mix-up on the bus (ok, I got lost) I made it to their cute house on the North shore of the city, and settled in.

I really liked Kamloops. It was small but not tiny, and it was absolutely beautiful. And it’s not a far drive from Vancouver either. It’s another place in Canada I’d never been before, but I could see myself living there for a little while. I walked around downtown, and through Riverside Park, and I just fell in love. There’s nothing like being a prairie girl and being surrounded by mountains. It’s an amazing view.


  1. Em ... any sign of the forest fires raging thru the BC interior? What did you think of Salmon Arm? Love the house boats there and the huge lakes.

  2. So isn't it Chesterfield Surfing in Canada. eh?

  3. This video made me dizzy...

    PS - What kinds of things have changed for you?