Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 9 – $583.40 – Shock Me, Shock Me, Shock Me.

I woke up to my final day in Ottawa a little nervous. The day before I had agreed to be a guest on HOT 103’s morning show with Ace Burpee and Chrissy Troy (thanks again guys!). Although it’s wildly entertaining to me that other people, let alone radio personalities, find my trip exciting, it’s also incredibly nerve-wracking. Even over the phone, I get stomachaches and constantly clear my throat to check my voice still works. Come the interviews, mind you, I’m always clear and everything seems to work out, but before hand – I’m a wreck.

That morning was no exception. I have a lot of respect for Ace and Chrissy – they do a great job every morning, are always entertaining, and work very hard at maintaining their stellar reputation. (They might also read this post. Hi guys! Do you need a charming young woman to intern for you? Just an idea…) In preparation for the interview, I could have practiced what I would say or think up interesting stories to share, but all I could do was pace back and forth in the hostel room and clear my throat.

The interview flew by, and was a blast. Once it was over, I finally exhaled, and gathered my things to get on the bus to Toronto. I had planned on grabbing the 12:30 bus and meeting my high school friend Jon in Toronto at 4:30. Just as I had on my pack and was lumbering down the street, my telephone rings. I manage to answer it, and low and behold, it’s Ace again.

“Emily! We have lunch for you!”


“I’m going to put you back on air, ok?”


Apparently, I’m quite a quick thinker on my feet. Turns out, in the crazy world of CreComm coincidences, Britt, a CC grad of two years ago who lives in Ottawa, was live streaming the HOT interview on her computer at work. When she heard me speak, she immediately emailed Ace and offered to take me out to lunch and show me around Ottawa.

I was totally flabbergasted. Not only had the interview been fun, but what a coincidence! I love how far the Creative Communications Mafia extends, but it’s so shocking to me. Britt and her boyfriend Steve met me at the hostel and took me to a delicious Italian market where we bought huge sandwiches for only $5. I was shocked that there was tasty food in Ottawa for under $10, but also shocked that Britt was so excited about this project.

She and Steve shared some of their favourite Ottawa secrets with me, which I greatly appreciated, and she also paid for my sandwich, which was just sweet.

I’m happy to count Britt and Steve among my new friends, and I hope that one day I can help out another CreComm by passing along a similar kindness. So, thanks to everyone that helped me out that day: Ace, Chrissy, Britt, and Steve. You made my last day in Ottawa one of the highlights of my trip!

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  1. No Joke, Ace & Chrissy are awesome@! They're pumping Yoga In The Park as well! You should hit up Moksha classes on your trip. Let me know in advance and I will make sure you get a free class.